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Ronnel Ramsey


All I can promise you is a winning attitude, professionalism, and chemistry building. I'm willing to go the distance with you and your family to achieve our Goals! Championship hours produce a championship mentality. 1+1=2




Helping people overcome any obstacle that they have regarding real estate. The main purpose is to give a hand where it's needed. We want to represent people that are looking locally and out of state. Our extended services are first class.


Keller Williams Studio City


Keller Williams Studio City is a full-service brokerage firm serving both residential and business clients from the local area with a wide range of real estate services. Committing to a sharper focus on our clients is what we strive for in our mark


Ronnel Ramsey

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Me+You=Success is about Me, You, and Success. Me, Realtor Ramsey is all about serving the people and leaving them with a great experience. The passion and respect he has for his job are wondrous. You, meaning the person and home! Realtor Ramsey wants you and the home to become one with each other. Whether it's a starter home, investment home, or a personal home. The most significant aspect of the process is to love your decision. Success, the last write off on our Goal list. Creating a happy experience that you can share proudly with your family and friends. Teamwork makes the dream work! 

Ronnel Ramsey only provides the best real estate service, no matter what the price of the property is. I'm here to support, encourage, give good energy, and create an everlasting memory! Let's talk, have lunch, walk the dogs, workout, hike, or whatever makes you feel comfortable. Please feel free to contact me or stop by the office anytime.


We Help Service People


For home sellers, we will help you position your home to succeed in any real estate market and get the most value out of your home. The first impression in real estate is everything. To sell your house in a timely manner, it all comes down to execution. It's all about preparing the little things leading up to the first day on the market. My 4 step system will align us with a winning mindset to be successful day by day. Our approach is very different than the average realtor. If the house doesn't sell itself, we will sell the house ourselves through communication and work ethic. If you be fair to the market, the market will be fair to you. 


For home buyers, we will help you find the perfect home and take care of everything from the purchasing process to negotiating the terms of sale to recommending moving companies. We assist buyers based on their unique needs. Whether your a first-time buyer, second-time buyer, investor, or just need help getting started, we can accommodate a business plan for you. The buying process can be very rewarding when you have an open mind. There are so many great opportunities that you can get lost in wishful thinking. Next thing you know that perfect priced home is gone. Don't let your dream house disappear because of something that seems fitting.


Some people lease because they can't afford to buy right now. Either way, the goal is to still be efficient in searching for what you need. Stop going online or looking at the local newspaper for a place to call home. Let us find something that's right for you and your family, then negotiate a good deal for you. Yes, even the monthly price can be negotiable. For the ones that are looking to buy in the future, let's create a business plan to get you on the right track. We have an incredible in-house loan officer that can show you the necessary steps to take. Every year counts, just like how every penny counts. Some real estate moves take years to accomplish. You just got to stay on the right path and go after it.


A listing expires when the contract date on the listing agreement ends. We help people gain the confidence to trust the process again because it can be difficult, but a fresh start is what we need sometimes. We take pride in helping people overcome unfortunate situations, especially when you don't have success in meeting your goals the first or second time. 


A canceled listing can happen at any moment during a listing. Often time, the seller change there mind because situations change. Also, some decide not to sell at the time due to low offers. Before the listing agreement is expired, it is very common for owners to get cold feet. We recommend our clients to take as much time needed before relisting the property. 


Re-listing your property with a new realtor is a big decision to make. Staying in the same environment hoping for new results can become frustrating. Me+You=Success is built on Integrity, Dedication, Passion, and Loyalty. If you decide to interview realtors again, please keep us in mind. Me+You=Success and Keller Williams Calabasas is a great one-two punch. 

Our Mission


Me+You=Success philosophy is simple: clients come first no matter what. We pledge to be in constant communication, keeping you fully informed throughout the buying or selling process. We believe that if you do not leave with a good experience, we didn't do our job efficiently. We don’t measure our success through achievements, but through the satisfaction of our clients. Our word means everything because we hope they spread to others. We want to make a meaningful impact not just with our client but with the community also.



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Ronnel Ramsey


4061 Laurel Canyon Boulevard, Studio City, California 91604, United States

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